The Waverly Hills Sanitorium is an old hospital sitting on a hill overlooking Louisville, Kentucky that was built in 1910. The hospital houses hundreds of sick patients, ill with Tuberculosis. TB is a highly deadly disease, and back then sometimes entire towns suffered. (If you click on any of the pictures above you can see the caption.)

At the time, an antibiotic for tuberculosis had not been made yet. That’s the reason why so many patients died daily. In fact, an estimated 63,000 patients died in Waverly Hills in the short time it was used.

The deaths were stopped or minimized after the discovery of the antibiotic streptomycin, which was very successful in treating tuberculosis. This led to the closure of the tuberculosis hospital in 1961, but the facilities were re-used after a year when Waverly Hills was converted into the Woodhaven Geriatrics Sanitarium. This time there were many claims of patient abuse and bizarre treatments. The place was closed down in 1982 by the state of Kentucky because of reports of cruelty to patients.

There are many stories of spooky ghosts and demonic presences lurking around in the hospital. Many of these stories are centered around the abuse to patients and, of course, the numerous deaths that took place.

Some of the stories include:

  • A little boy bouncing a ball in the hallway.
  • A little girl running around, playing hide and seek.
  • An old woman with chained legs and hands, screaming and bloody.
  • Shadows moving around.
  • Lights turning off and on.
  • Doors slamming by themselves.

Nowadays, the sanitorium is being used for tours and ghost hunter investigations. The current owners, Charlie and Tina Mattingly, plan on renovating it into a hotel for interested hunting parties as well as ordinary, normal guests. The tours are held on Fridays and Saturdays during March to August.

Interested parties who would like to schedule or inquire about the availability of tours can call The Waverly Hills office at (502) 933-2142, or visit their website at

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Bobby Mackey’s Music World is a nightclub and honky tonk that is currently owned by country singer Bobby Mackey and located on 44 Licking Pike in Wilder, Kentucky. Situated about 3 miles (4.8 km) south of Cincinnati, Ohio near the Licking River, the building is self-proclaimed as “the most haunted nightclub in the USA.”

The nightclub has definitely earned its name. It was built sometime in the 1850s, and started out as a Slaughterhouse. The animals were slaughtered in the upstairs and the blood/unused innards were leaked into the basement. The property was bought by Bobby Mackey in 1978.

But before this, in between the time it was the Slaughterhouse and when he bought it, several murders occured. The most famous was perhaps the murder of Pearl Bryan. She was a twenty two year old pregnant woman whose decapitated head was found miles from the building. This murder happened in the 1890s, which sparked interest to the area.

There is a hole in the building that is dug deep underground, it is known as the Hell Hole.

The owner and workers at Bobby Mackey’s have talked about spirits, demonic entities, and poltergeists that haunt the building. The tv shows, Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, both held investigations there.

  • The 2008 premiere episode of the Travel Channel’s ghost-hunting series Ghost Adventures featured interviews with owner Carl Lawson, author Douglas Hensley, and some customers and staff of the club, as well as the Ghost Adventures “crew” who attributed shadowy video images and scratches on their bodies to alleged supernatural activity.The network later released a 3-part web series called Return to Bobby Mackey’s. Bobby Mackey’s Music World was featured again on the program in late 2010 with the Ghost Adventures crew claiming to have made contact with the spirit of one of the suspected killers.
  • On November 16, 2011, the SyFy program Ghost Hunters broadcast footage of an investigation conducted by TAPS at Bobby Mackey’s. Early on in the segment, on-air comments were made by a senior researcher that people have “gotten many things wrong” in their accounts of the history of the site. The 2011 TAPS investigation failed to prove the presence of the preternatural at the nightclub.

Other stories/notes:

There were several shootings, and the rumors of a pregnant woman who killed herself in the basement of the building.

Workers noted that lights turned themselves on and off, usually late at night. There were also stories of an old jukebox repeatedly playing “Anniversary Waltz”, even when it was unplugged from the wall. Visitors have also heard strange noises coming from the basement, when that area is empty. Others have heard people laughing, voices talking, and things moving on their own. Many of these things happen when the building is otherwise empty.

There are also stories of full body apparitions that haunt Bobby Mackey’s Music World. One is an angry looking man who stands behind the bar. There were also reports of a female ghost, believed to be the ghost of the pregnant woman who killed herself in the basement. She reportedly leaves behind the scent of rose perfume. Others have claimed to see a headless female ghost, who matches the description of Pearl Bryan.

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You know that chain-letter story of the campers/boy scouts going out in the middle of the night, only to never reappear? It turns out that the story is based on an old Urban Legend!

Boy Scout Lane, sometimes written “Boyscout Lane”, is an isolated road located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. A number of ghost stories and urban legends have become associated with the road, including the fictional deaths of a troop of Boy Scouts.

The stories differ. Some say that the scouts were going on a trip, their bus driver went insane, and murdered them all. Some tell of the bus catching fire, or the boys accidentally dropping their lantern and causing a forest fire, killing them all. Others say that the troop leader killed all of the boys. It’s an urban legend, and in reality, the lane received it’s name because the Boy Scout foundation used to own that plot of land.

Stories circulated in “haunted travel guides” include visitors reporting a strong sense of foreboding or ‘being watched’, the sound of footsteps or breaking branches coming from multiple directions, red or white lights sometimes described as resembling swinging lanterns or flashlight beams, ghostly buses or figures, and ‘childlike hand prints’ on cars stopped in or driven through the area.

There are no records of fatal forest fires or mysterious disappearances on or around Boy Scout Lane.

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The Clapham Wood Mystery is the name given to a collection of unusual events which are associated with Clapham Wood, West Sussex, England.

This area is known for the disappearances of several family pets, including a case where a dog went missing but later reappeared. The dog suffered from an unknown, untraceable disease and had to be put down.

This area is also associated with the deaths of four people.

The first such case was that of Police Constable Peter Goldsmith in 1972. Goldsmith, 46, was a former Royal Marine Commando and an experienced rambler who was in excellent physical condition. He was last seen in June that year, walking across the Downs and carrying a large holdall. His body was found six months later, hidden in a patch of thick bramble.

In August 1975, pensioner Leon Foster was found in the woods, by a couple searching for a lost horse, three weeks after his wife had reported him missing.

And then the Reverend Harry Neil Snelling – the retired vicar of Clapham Parish – disappeared on All Hallow’s Eve in 1978 while returning home across the Downs from a dental appointment in Goring; his body was eventually found three years later by a Canadian tourist, who only informed the police of his discovery after he had left the country.

The murdered woman was Miss Jillian Matthews – a 37-year-old divorcee and a homeless schizophrenic, who went missing in September 1981. Her body was discovered six weeks later in a state of partial undress, having been raped and strangled. No one was ever charged with her murder.

The only explanation provided for these mysterious deaths and disappearances:

In their 1987 book The Demonic Connection Toyne Newton, Charles Walker and Alan Brown claimed that Clapham Wood had been used by a cult called the Friends of Hecate (FoH).

There is no further explanation of the mysterious murders.

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